Design Elements

Each digital scholarship project presents a mosaic of knowledge design elements that speak to the design process and form an intricate whole, no matter if the project is completed or in progress. However, as Shannon Mattern (2012) points out, not all criteria “are appropriate for all projects, and there are good reasons some projects might choose to go against the grain.” The following is a list of possible parameters with which to evaluate digital scholarship projects. The list is compiled from the variety of publications referenced on the resources page, with authors provided and linked in parentheses. Each committee or group of evaluators may decide which elements contribute to their local evaluative process for digital scholarship at all levels.

  • characteristics of medium or media used for project / attention to media affordances (Burdick at al.)
  • concept & content / research question, argument, thesis (Mattern)
  • collaboration (Nowviskie)
  • Impact (Presner)
  • Intellectual rigor (Presner)
  • more elements forthcoming…