Sample: Hypercities by Todd Presner (University of California, Los Angeles), 2003-present

What is it: “Digital mapping, by definition, is performed through some kind of digital interface, typically a computer system with a graphical user interface (GUI). Whilst GUIs have been available for some considerable time, it is worth stressing that image interpretation requires graphical display and the greater the size and number of pertinent displays, the easier interpretation potentially becomes. It is also essential for all work to be performed within a geographical information system (GIS) in order to ensure that input imagery and interpreted data sets maintain the same geographical coordinate system. This allows data export into other geographic products and facilitates accurate map production and quantitative analyses. Interpreters need to be familiar with the operation and use of a GIS, and familiarity with the principles of remote sensing is beneficial.”

Knowledge Design: what is the research question? what new knowledge is being created?

Hypercities describes thick mapping: the humanist project of participating and listening that transforms mapping into an ethical undertaking. Ultimately, the digital humanities do not consist merely of computer-based methods for analyzing information. They are a means of integrating scholarship with the world of lived experience, making sense of the past in the layered spaces of the present for the sake of the open future.

Who is it for: a research community, students, the public

Who makes it: usually one or more authors, possibly building of database prior to entering data for mapping

Medium/Media: GIS software, website for user access

System requirements: varies

Common Tools

How to measure impact: number of impressions, clicks and views; citations and links online; convergence with other publications by the team; grant support; conference presentations; community outreach


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